COVID-19 Update
In light of the current situation, you may ask what Capital City BBQ Co. is doing to protect its staff and customers. Well, we have implemented many changes: we are doing wellness and temperature checks for all of our staff; enhanced cleaning of all highly used surfaces; wearing gloves and face coverings; frequently washing hands; and we have eliminated all buffet-style full-service catering. Our highly-trained staff will serve all of your guests with the highest safety standards. This being said, what better place to have a family gathering, graduation, or wedding than in the privacy and open air of your backyard or park?! We look forward to serving you the highest quality BBQ and providing the best service in the industry!
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We can't make all this deliciousness happen on our own - at least, not entirely. We owe a lot to the help of our partners, because with their assistance we can bring you the fantastic flavors and unparalleled service that you deserve.